Mahsa Monshizadegan
Mahsa Monshizadegan
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Mahsa Monshizadegan


Iranian Lawyers In Solidarity with Iranian People

Our hearts have been filled with sadness and sorrow for the past several weeks. With a tilt of the head, another beautiful Iranian soul with a striking look and hopeful breath, with faith to build a better tomorrow, is lost. A grudge in our throats chocks our breath and wakes our forty-year-asleep souls; tears and anger burn our bodies and souls from within.

Iranians have been oppressed under the Islamic Republic regime for the past 40 years. They have not been able to speak freely or express themselves. They have tried in many ways to demand change to forge a better society in which to live, but the results have been dismal. Peaceful protesters in Iran face the government's aggressive attacks, which have led to increased oppression, arrests, and even death. Sadly, the people of Iran have no control over their lives; they have been stripped of their economic, cultural, and personal rights since the Islamic Republic took over the country in 1979. The definition of "LAW" under the Islamic Regime is "OPPRESSION." Even the lawyers in Iran are constantly under attack and imprisoned for defending the innocent. They have no right in the courtrooms. Iranian and foreign political prisoners detained in the Evin prison are incarcerated without due process or evidence of any crime. In the past 40 years, the Islamic Republic merely left behind only murder, and destruction, anywhere they stepped. They bombed Argentina to massacre Jews, which resulted in the death of 84 people.

They assassinated many Iranian political activists inside and outside Iran. It doesn't end there! They invested in European countries to spread their message and encourage acts of terrorism. They actively fund terrorist organizations worldwide, which results in the killing of people in other countries. They have no value for humanity! This regime cannot accept or agree with anyone with a different ideology than theirs.

What started as a women's movement has turned the whole nation so strikingly into unity. Iranian men, women, youths, students, and even children are united in demanding change. This unity proves what the nation stands for. Thus, the world shall listen and help this change to happen. Our Iranian sisters and brother are out on the street shouting for their fundamental human rights, and they need the world to hear them. Although the government has tried to silence the people of Iran by shutting down the internet and suppressing protesters, we can use our collective global voice to speak out. Since the start of the protests, many have been killed, arrested, tortured, raped, and brutalized.

Iranian people must have the right to live in a free country. Thus, we raise our voices to stand with the youngest generation in Iran who have demanded their rights in the wake of the death of Mahsa Amini. They are wise and firm on what they demand. This brave generation has given courage and faith to Iranian people worldwide to stand up for their rights. And we, as lawyers who have the privilege to speak up, praise them for their heroism.

Human rights, women's rights, children's rights, animal rights, and freedom of speech and expression made America a democratic country. However, Iranians have been deprived of all these fundamental human rights for the past forty years. Hence, Iranian lawyers in the United States request that the American Government to stand by what the Iranian people demand; Denouncing the Islamic Regime, Expelling their diplomats, Freezing their assets, and Investigating the crimes they committed against



Iranian Lawyers in the United States of America


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